Photo Manipulation: Water Splash – Speed Art – Photoshop CS5.1

«Photo Manipulation – Speed Art – Photoshop CS5.1»

►Designer: Emanuel Sebastiao

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Introducing J.A.R.V.I.S. V0.1 (Artificial Intelligence Based Operating System)

Here is the first Official Video of Jarvis v0.1.

For more information visit

Follow The Developer Here:
Skype Username: teknikhackers

If you would like to purchase his relay kit then go here:


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Social Network App Design – “VibeIn”

What we’ve been busy with lately. Our app called “VibeIn”

Welcome to Graphic Element, Where you can explore your imagination

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App Design Video Serie

App Design Video Serie

So we’ve decided to start creating a video series where we’ll show you guys how to designs a smartphone app, similar to the one we’ve created of the IPhone in the image below. These videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, twitter , Facebook and this very website, so everyone can view if they are interested. So Stay Tune for More!

Welcome To Graphic Element, Where You Can Explore Your Imagination


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Simple Twitter Interface

Simple Twitter Interface

Hello, Guys. check out this simple twitter interface. Now You Can Follow Us On Twitter Along With The Other Awesome People Who Already Do! :D

Welcome To Graphic Element, Where You Can Explore Your Imagination


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Our Portfolio

Hello Guys, Throughout the years we’ve been doing a lot of designs for various individuals. however, we’ve chosen few designs
we’ve done thus far and decided to make a portfolio for you guys.

You guys can now view our portfolio from the link in the description by click “Our Portfolio“. Thank You.


Welcome To Graphic Element, Where You Can Explore Your Imagination


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Media Icon Set

Media Icon Set

Hello, Everyone.

We are currently creating the first Graphic Element Media Icon Set.
This is a set of different social network icons specially created for anyone who finds interest in using icons sets for blogs purpose and such.

These Media Icon Set will come in varies sizes: 24×24, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and possibly more. And it’ll consist of 3 different colors such as green, grey and blue covering
various social network logos like Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Linked-in, Twitter, RSS feed, YouTube and more…
All icons will be FREE and you can download and use them in either personal or commercial project. we’ll also provide a link for downloading on our Website & Deviant page.
So Stay Tune For More.

Website: Link
Deviant: Link


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